aqueous arts

I seek to introduce the listener to a sonic hinterland. A dreamlike state that lies somewhere between sleeping and waking - Aqueous arts. Quiet, intimate, lower-case music that explores sounds from both acoustic and electronic sources, along with field recordings and gathered, ‘found’ sounds. This is immersive, ambient music. It drifts. It constantly shifts as it charts new topographies, creating and following maps that are full of change. If you listen carefully you’ll often hear quiet, random glitches or shimmering dissonances which fall by happy accident in exactly the right place.

My music is represented by Disco Gecko - the label set up by Banco De Gaia. Huge thanks to Toby Marks and to Jasper Edwards for their enthusiasm and interest in my work.

The Silent Cartographer

Andrew Heath

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After the Magus - to resound

Andrew Heath with Felix Jay + Hans-Joachim Roedelius

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Ambient Music Guide proclaims The Silent Cartographer one of the best ambient releases of last year.

“Environmental ambience of the highest order; quiet, immersive, panoramic and subtly melodic. It's the clarity of Heath's soundscapes that are really striking; the textures are are not fuzzy as if filtered through gauze like, say, Brian Eno's classic On Land (1982). These sound paintings are crystal clear, a remarkable achievement of uncluttered composition and painstaking sound design.”

Burning Shed says of Flux...

"If you're one of the legion of fans hankering after the new Budd, Roedelius or Eno, quit waiting and immerse yourself in this."


Andrew Heath


Andrew Heath + Peter Maynard


Andrew Heath + Peter Maynard